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Our Breeders


Magic is our newest stud dog! He has a stockier build weighing about 75 pounds and is a more traditional gold color. He is very loyal and runs right alongside the gator around the farm. Magic loves tennis balls and playing fetch as well as getting as many pets as possible! He has preliminary OFA testing done and promising genetics .


Sammy is a dark golden color and such a happy boy! He loves to hang out and run around with kids. Sammy lives offsite with our friend, Marion. Sammy primarily breeds with Elsa, Anna, Kassidy, and Betty. He is about 80 pounds 
AKC# SS08017602



Basil is a loving girl who will put a smile on anyones face. She is a taller golden with a beautiful thick coat. Basil looks like she is "smiling" at you when she gets her belly rubs. We love her gentle personality. She is a larger girl weighing about 70 pounds. 
AKC#: SS12613501
OFA results: click here


London is a beautiful daughter of Sidney and Studly.  She has a thick undercoat and a smooth top coat. She has a playful personality who loves belly rubs. London is the twin sister to Paris.  As a larger girls she weighs about 80 pounds.
AKC# SS23181409
Paris 3.HEIC


Paris is a beautiful daughter of Sidney and Studly.  She has a thick undercoat and a wavy top coat.  Paris enjoys finding sticks and carrying them around the yard like her momma. Her best friend is her twin sister, London As a larger girls she weighs about 80 pounds.
AKC# SS23181411


Falcon is a friendly and affectionate momma. She is happy to greet new families and enjoys to show off her babies.  Falcon has little undercoat with a smooth top coat to help reduce shedding. As a smaller girls she weighs about 65 pounds.
AKC# SS24325401
OFA: Not yet scheduled
falcon 2.HEIC


Hawk is a loving and caring momma from our original bloodline, as a daughter of Studly. She is a medium gold color and weighs about 70 pounds. She has a blaze down her nose making her very distinguishable and a thick and fluffy mane. She loves to be pet and play with chew toys.
AKC# SS24126401
OFA: Not yet scheduled


Honey is a beautiful dark golden girl with flowing coat. She loves to watch the chickens every day as they walk outside her pen. Honey will accepts ALL the belly rubs from anyone who has a few extra minutes between chores. Honey is a shorter girl but curvy, weighing about 68 pounds. 
OFA: Not yet scheduled


Oh Miss Ruby, she is a very energetic and silly girl. Ruby is learning patience as she expects her first litter in March 2023. She is a deep golden color that will give her pups the same shade. Ruby is about 70 pounds, and is always so excited to see us and play outside.
AKC# SS32857302
OFA: Not yet scheduled


Maple is the slimmer sister of Honey. She is also a gorgeous dark red color, but her coat is slightly smoother than her sister's. She is a quiet and loving girl who enjoys treats and hanging out with us while we work in the kennel. Maple is on the smaller side weighing about 60 pounds.
OFA: Not yet scheduled


Juliet is a beautiful light golden color with a slimmer build. She has the sweetest brown eyes that you just can't say no to. Juliet is the granddaughter of some of previous breeders including Study, Rosie, King, ad Belle. She is a happy-go-lucky girl and you can find her laying on her back with her belly facing up ready for scratches!
OFA: Not yet scheduled


Elsa is a gentle and loving girl. She lives with our friend, Marion. She is a light gold girl that breeds with Sammy. Elsa likes to follow Marion while doing chores around the farm just incase he has an extra treat! She is a smaller girl, weighing around 55 pounds. 
AKC# SS31034006
OFA: Not yet scheduled


Hello, Betty! She is a calm and tentitive momma. Betty lives with our friend, Marion on his farm. She will primarily breed with Sammy. She loves to sit at your feet and get all the attention. Betty is a petite girl, weighing around 50 pounds. 
OFA: Not yet scheduled
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