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Golden Retriever Stud, Nooner
Golden Retriever Stud, Nooner


Nooner is our newest stud dog to our team! He is a very playful and outgoing boy. Nooner loves to meet new people and never misses a chance to greet them. His bloodline is from Minnesota with wonderful OFA records from both of his parents! Nooner is about 60 pounds. 
*Stud service NOT available
AKC#: SS10789007
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Golden Retriever Stud, Nooner


Cinnamon is the georgous daughter of Ginger and Studly! She is a dark red color with a slim build much like her momma. She is one of our shorter girls and smaller weighing only about 65 pounds. Cinnamon is very playful and loves to play fetch.
AKC#: SS17101601


Basil is a loving girl who will put a smile on anyones face. She is a taller golden with a beautiful thick coat. Basil looks like she is "smiling" at you when she gets her belly rubs. We love her gentle personality. She is a larger girl weighing about 70 pounds. 
AKC#: SS12613501
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Sage is the beautiful sister of Basil. A full coat and taller build make her a stunning mother. Sage is a caring girl who enjoys to walk with us through the field yet always keeping an close eye on her sister and the other dogs. She is about 75 pounds. 
AKC#: SS12613502
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Sidney is named after the Pittsburgh Penguins famous, Sidney Crosby, for her larger/ stocky build and determination. Sidney's middle name is Pawsby! She is a relaxed and gentle girl with lots of love to share. Sidney loves to carry all the sticks to collect. 
AKC#: SS11048207 
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London is a beautiful daughter of Sidney and Studly.  She has a thick undercoat and a smooth top coat. She has a playful personality who loves belly rubs. London is the twin sister to Paris.  As a larger girls she weighs about 80 pounds.
AKC# SS23181409
OFA: Not yet scheduled
Paris 3.HEIC


Paris is a beautiful daughter of Sidney and Studly.  She has a thick undercoat and a wavy top coat.  Paris enjoys finding sticks and carrying them around the yard like her momma. Her best friend is her twin sister, London As a larger girls she weighs about 80 pounds.
AKC# SS23181411
OFA: Not yet scheduled


Falcon is a friendly and affectionate momma. She is happy to greet new families and enjoys to show off her babies.  Falcon has little undercoat with a smooth top coat to help reduce shedding. As a smaller girls she weighs about 65 pounds.
AKC# SS24325401
OFA: Not yet scheduled
falcon 2.HEIC


Hawk is a loving and caring momma from our original bloodline, as a daughter of Studly. She is a medium gold color and weighs about 70 pounds. She has a blaze down her nose making her very distinguishable and a thick and fluffy mane. She loves to be pet and play with chew toys.
AKC# SS24126401
OFA: Not yet scheduled
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