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Nooner is our newest stud dog to our team! He is a very playful and outgoing boy. Nooner loves to meet new people and never misses a chance to greet them. His bloodline is from Minnesota with wonderful OFA records from both of his parents! Nooner is about 60 pounds. 
*Stud service NOT available
AKC#: SS10789007
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Cinnamon is the georgous daughter of Ginger and Studly! She is a dark red color with a slim build much like her momma. She is one of our shorter girls and smaller weighing only about 65 pounds. Cinnamon is very playful and loves to play fetch.
AKC#: SS17101601
OFA: not yet scheduled for testing


Basil is a loving girl who will put a smile on anyones face. She is a taller golden with a beautiful thick coat. Basil looks like she is "smiling" at you when she gets her belly rubs. We love her gentle personality. She is a larger girl weighing about 70 pounds. 
AKC#: SS12613501
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Tenney is a playful girl who was born on our farm. She is the daughter of Studly and Belle. Tenney has a beautiful golden coat with a nice undercoat. She is on the petite side weighing at about 65 pounds. 
AKC#: SS12319402
OFA: not currently scheduled for testing


Sidney is named after the Pittsburgh Penguins famous, Sidney Crosby, for her larger/ stocky build and determination. Sidney's middle name is Pawsby! She is a relaxed and gentle girl with lots of love to share. Sidney loves to carry all the sticks to collect. 
AKC#: SS11048207 
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Sage is the beautiful sister of Basil. A full coat and taller build make her a stunning mother. Sage is a caring girl who enjoys to walk with us through the field yet always keeping an close eye on her sister and the other dogs. She is about 75 pounds. 
AKC#: SS12613502
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Shawna is a beautiful medium gold color with a long, thick coat and a playful personality. She loves to greet new people and weighs about 70 pounds. Shawna is the daughter of Studly. Shawna loves the water and is a caring mom to her babies.  
AKC#: SS13780003
OFA: not yet scheduled for testing


Kate is a kindhearted female. She has a light gold, full coat that makes her gorgeous. She loves running around and playing outside. she is very caring. Kate is about 70 pounds 
AKC#: SS03710709
OFA: not yet scheduled for testing


Ivy is an active and caring girl. She is the daughter of Buddy. Ivy enjoys meeting new families and exploring the farm. Her dark coat and shorter coat is passed on to her babies as a reddish color.  As a smaller girls she weighs about 65 pounds.
AKC# SS17323301
OFA: not yet scheduled for testing


Iris is a petite and affectionate momma. She is the daughter of Studly giving her a bit of a larger face. Iris has little undercoat with a bit of a wave to help reduce shedding. Her dark coloring resembles much of her father. As a smaller girls she weighs about 65 pounds.
AKC# SS17133705
OFA: not yet scheduled for testing


Lilo is the beautiful sister of Hana. She is the daughter of Tori and Hunter. She has a bubbly personality. Her winter coat is thick and flowing while her summer coat is thinner. She has a short, petite build. She is about 60 pounds. 
AKC#: SS13152401
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Hana is a a beautiful light and fluffy girl. Her parents are Tori and Hunter. Hana is full of love and light. She is very friendly to new visitors. Hana is petite compared to many of our girls, she is about 60 pounds. 
AKC#: SS13152402
OFA: Scheduled to be tested Winter 2021


Petra is the sweet daughter of Cleo and Studly (grand daughter to Ashley and King). Petra is a patient and loving girl who was born and raised in out TN location. She loves to follow young Gregory around the farm and "help" him build forts and play with trucks. 
AKC#: SS1481103
OFA: scheduled to be testing in Winter 2021


Maggie is a gorgeous girl with a unique personality. She has a calm disposition and is very loving. She loves to run around the farm and chew on her bones! Maggie is located in Kodak, TN- her babies will be born and sold around the local area. 
AKC#: SS01480002
OFA: not yet scheduled for testing