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Meet our Team


Jeff: Jeff is the owner/operator and daily caretaker of the pack of dogs. Jeff's love for dogs from his early childhood is the reason we started raising our dogs. At any given time of day you can find Jeff out walking all our dogs in the field, taking them swimming or just relaxing with them in the kennel. He loves each dog and has a respect for them as they respect him.


Donna: Donna is the beautiful wife of Jeff. She loves all of the dogs we have and does pick her favorite, Jenny! Donna works at UPMC Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. She is great with the kids she works with and enjoys walking the dogs every evening though the field. 

Autumn: Autumn is the daughter of Jeff and Donna. She is a 2016 graduate from Crestview High School. Autumn graduated Youngstown State in 2019 with her degree in Marketing. In addition to running the farm, she is a Realtor and enjoys to travel. She takes care of the puppies and finds everyone a great home! 

Jeffrey: Jeffrey is the son of Jeff and Donna. He is a 2018 graduate of Crestview High School. Jeffrey is finishing up his education to become a professional pilot. He helps maintain the farm and enjoys fishing and hunting after his chores are complete. Jeffrey loves to take all the puppies outside and play with them!

Madison: Madison is a kennel assistant that is at the farm 4 days a week. She does an amazing job socializing the puppies and taking care of them. Madison takes the weekly photos on our site and keeps our social media up to date. She quickly fell in love with a pup to bring home. Indy comes to work with her, he often likes to swim in the lake.  

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