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Retired Breeders

When our breeders are ready for retirement, we do offer them for adoption. Available breeders are not advertised. Please contact Autumn to be added to the list as a potential family!



Ashley is an amazing girl with a relaxed personality. She loves attention and will find anyone who will pet her. Ashley likes to sit in lawn chairs and watch out the window. 
*Ashley has retired in October 2018, she found a loving couple that will take care of her as she grows old. 


King is a beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever that loves to swim. King is a sweet boy who is friendly and always excited to meet new people. He spends most of his days walking around the farm and laying in the sun!
*King retired August 2018, he found a lovely new family that brings him swimming and on walks!


Annie is such a wonderful and sweet girl. She has a very laid back and friendly personality. Annie keeps a few extra pounds on her but she's just more to love. She is an experienced, loving mother to a few litters of puppies. 
*Annie retired May 2018, she found a loving home to spend time with her new owners near a lake for her to swim in! 


Holly is a beautiful girl! Her perfectly gold coat blows in the wind when she chases tennis balls through the yard. Holly is about 65 pounds and has a very bubbly personality!
*Holly retired in winter of 2018 and is enjoying walks with Ryan!


Ora has a wonderful unique personality. Since she was a pup, she has been a playful and energetic girl.
*Ora is retired in June of 2019 with Miss Lisa in Columbus! She goes on daily walks and loves to get her picture taken. 


Rue loves to play with all visitors and is still as playful as a young puppy. She was born at our farm and is a very friendly and loving girl. *Rue retired in June 2019 with the Slonim family in Virginia! She is getting lots of attention and still loves to be the star of the show!


Molly is a very relaxed and sweet girl! She has a beautiful dark gold coat and long nose. She is friendly and enjoys walks around the farm with us but never leaving our side. 
*Molly retired to the Youngstown area with Morgan and her family. She has a younger sister she loves to play with. 

Sire- Hunter

Hunter is a handsome boy that resides with the Donatella family! Hunter is very playful and friendly to everyone that he meets! His blocky head and frame is a beautiful contrast to our petite girls. He is about 75 pounds. 
*Hunter retired 2019


Belle is a friendly and playful girl! She has a beautiful medium gold coat and long nose. She enjoys to relax next to a heater in the winter and AC in the summer. Belle is about 65 pounds and many of her female puppies do resemble her.  
*Belle retired in 2019 with her sissy, Ora


Mia is a sweet girl with a thick, dark coat. She resides with the Schnieder family about an hour away from our farm in Columbiana. He interactive personality lets her be a wonderful family pet and does well with children. 
*Mia retired in 2020 with Alyssa

Sire- Koda

Koda is a handsome boy that resides with the Schnieder family! Koda is a big and friendly boy who loves to play. His blocky head and frame is a beautiful contrast to our petite girls.  
*Koda retired 2020 with Johnna

Sire- Studly

Studly is a very handsome and big-boned sire. He enjoys playing fetch and hanging out with "his girls". Studly is about 80 pounds and is a beautiful dark gold with blocky head. His playful personality always makes for a good time!
*Studly and Ginger retired together on a horse farm in February 2021
studly 2.jpeg


Tori is a beautiful and loving girl that is full of life and energy. She is very smart and such a people dog! Tori is very friendly girl and wonderful mother!
*Tori found a loving family in Pittsburgh to take her on runs and to keep her active. 


Shelby is a beautiful medium gold color with longer fur and a playful personality. She is very friendly and weighs about 70 pounds. She has a thick coat and flowing tail. Shelby loves the water and is a caring mom to her babies.  
*Shelby found a loving home, living in a log cabin with her new cat sibling. 


Moonlight is one of our darkest girls. She has a calm personality but still loves to greet everyone in the kennels. Moonlight gets along with all of our other dogs very well. 
*Moonlinght found a young family with kids to play in the yard with. 

Sire- Buddy

Buddy is a dark gold boy that resides with the Berger family! Buddy is a calm boy and enjoys head scratches by any human! 
He is about 75 pounds. 
*Stud service NOT available
AKC#: SR81364803
Ginger is a beautiful American golden retriever. Her dark coat and slim body were designed to hunt. Ginger has a great drive to hunt and to swim. She is always eager to please us and ready to learn. Ginger will greet visitors in the kennel then will calmly go on her way.
*Ginger and Stuldy retired together on a horse farm in February 2021. 



Cleo is a spunky and energetic girl that was born on our farm. Her father is King. Cleo will follow any one around the farm that has food in their hand. 
*Cleo will be remembered always as an amazing and loving mom. We lost Cleo in October 2020 due to labor complications.


Rosie has a blockier head and a thick build. Her Coat is dark and short which helps reduce her shedding. Rosie enjoys playing in the mud and snow to become the center of attention.  
*Rosie retired October 2020 and found a loving momma, Samantha, to sleep with in bed at night and play in the yard all day. 


Taylor is our newest mother. Her bright personality can light up a room. She loves to play and follow you around the farm.
*Taylor retired in October 2020 and found a loving family to watch after and care for. She is gentle with her new human siblings and sleeps next to them every night.


Italiano is the beautiful daughter of Ginger and Buddy. She likes to meet everyone that visits. She really enjoys getting her ears rubbed and massaged.  Italiano is about 65 pounds and is a great mom like her mother. 
* Italiano retired April 2021 with Mary near Knoxville, TN. She has a huge yard and young children to love her in her new home. 

Sire- Igor

Igor is from a Tampa, Florida. He seems to be enjoying the Ohio weather as he still thinks snow is "fun"! Igor resides with one of our previous workers, Troy, at his farm. He is about 65 pounds.
*Igor began retirement in August 2021 with Troy and his family.  

Sire- Titan

Titan is a sweet boy who was raised in our Kodak location. We brought him back to Ohio to have some of his puppies with his wonderful golden coat. He is a gentle and loving boy that loves to go on walks with us.
*Titan retired July 2021 with his new momma, Samantha, and our girl, Rosie. They are best of friends and love playing and cuddling together. 


Grey-C is an elegant girl. She has a long, flowing, golden coat that glistens in the sun. Grey-C has an outgoing personality. She weights about 65 pounds, with a slender build. 
*GreyC retired September 2021 with Patrick in Pittsburgh



Petra is the sweet daughter of Cleo and Studly (grand daughter to Ashley and King). Petra is a patient and loving girl who was born and raised in out TN location.  
*Petra retired in September 2021 with Angelica in NC


Kate is a kindhearted female. She has a light gold, full coat that makes her gorgeous. She loves running around and playing outside. she is very caring. Kate is about 70 pounds 
*Kate retired January 2022 with Anna and David. She has a sister, Daisy, who is also a Feo Farm pup.


Maggie is a gorgeous girl with a unique personality. She has a calm disposition and is very loving. She loves to run around the farm and chew on her bones! 
*Maggie retired January 2022 with Mary Lou in her loving new home. 


Hana is a a beautiful light and fluffy girl. Her parents are Tori and Hunter. Hana is full of love and light. She is very friendly to new visitors. Hana is petite compared to many of our girls, she is about 60 pounds. 
*Hana retired January 2022 with April in nearby Columbiana!
SHawna 2.HEIC


Shawna is a beautiful medium gold color with a long, thick coat and a playful personality. Shawna is the daughter of Studly.
*Shawna loves the water and gets to enjoy swimming at her retirement home in central FL. She retired in March 2022. Shawna is with Lisa and Joe on their farm. 
Shawna 1.HEIC


Tenney is a playful girl who was born on our farm. She is the daughter of Studly and Belle. Tenney has a beautiful golden coat with a nice undercoat. She is on the petite side weighing at about 65 pounds. 
*Tenney retired in January 2022 to her new family in Canada


Lilo is the beautiful sister of Hana (retired). She is the daughter of Tori and Hunter. She has a bubbly personality. Her winter coat is thick and flowing while her summer coat is thinner. She has a short, petite build. She is about 60 pounds. 
* Lilo retired in September 2022 with her new family. She gets to see her brother and son often!


Iris is a petite and affectionate momma. She is the daughter of Studly giving her a bit of a larger face. Iris has little undercoat with a bit of a wave to help reduce shedding. As a smaller girls she weighs about 65 pounds.
* Iris retired August 2022 with Jennifer in New Jersey. She gets to swim and play with the neighborhood kids


Ivy is an active and caring girl. She is the daughter of Buddy. Ivy enjoys meeting new families and exploring the farm. Her dark coat and shorter coat is passed on to her babies as a reddish color.  As a smaller girls she weighs about 65 pounds.
* Ivy retired August of 2022 with Megan. 


Lucille is loyal and affectionate. She loves attention and is always ready to greet whoever walks through the kennel doors.  She stays right by you while outside and will never deny a treat!
*Lucille retired November 2022 with Sandie


Nooner is a very playful and outgoing boy. Nooner loves to meet new people and never misses a chance to greet them. His bloodline is from Minnesota with wonderful OFA records from both of his parents! Nooner is about 60 pounds. 

*Nooner retired in May 2023 with a loving family where he frequently visits their 20 acre farm and has another dog sibling
Golden Retriever Stud, Nooner


Sidney is named after the Pittsburgh Penguins famous, Sidney Crosby, for her larger/ stocky build and determination. Sidney's middle name is Pawsby! She is a relaxed and gentle girl with lots of love to share. Sidney loves to carry all the sticks to collect. 

*Sidney Retired July 2023 with another Feo Farm pup!


Sage is the beautiful sister of Basil. A full coat and taller build make her a stunning mother. Sage is a caring girl who enjoys to walk with us through the field yet always keeping an close eye on her sister and the other dogs. She is about 75 pounds. 

*Sage retired February 2023. She is with Studly and Ginger on a horse farm. 


Cinnamon is the gorgeous daughter of Ginger and Studly! She is a dark red color with a slim build much like her momma. She is one of our shorter girls and smaller weighing only about 65 pounds. Cinnamon is very playful and loves to play fetch.
* Cinnamon retired August 2023 with Maureen. She gets to play often with he brother and half brother near Pittsburgh. 
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