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Past Puppies and their owners!


Aspen- "Our sweet boy, Aspen, is growing like a weed and doing wonderful! Thanks again Jeff and family!" -Amy Lynch
Nancy- "We love our Christmas Puppy from Feo Farm Kennels. Thank you! "Nancy" is doing great!"- Katie Tuohey

Paisley- "Thank you Feo's. We love Paisley!  ❤🐾. She's getting used to her new home !"  -Lisa Reyes

Aspen- "Are you planning any golden litters for spring? Aspen wants a playmate!" -Amy Lynch
Jack- "Updated picture of Jack. Almost five months old. He is awesome!" - Maria Greszler
Cooper- "Cooper is the best golden we've ever had, he's so sweet and LOVES people. He also loves to learn!! We've taught him to sit, give paw, and even how to give a high five :) we'd definitely buy from Feo farms again!" -Andrea Gelman
Rugby- "Rugby getting some baby love!"- Tara Kurlichick
Ozzy- "Picked up this cute adorable golden on Saturday. So totally in love. Our Ozzy!"- Betty Segarra
Jack- "Brought Jack home today. He is awesome! Big thank you to Feo Farm Kennels!"- Maria Greszler

Diezel- "Diezel bear's 1st birthday. Thank you Feo Farms for a wonderful dog:). Obviously, he is spoiled:)"- Gina Unger

Diezel- "Diezel getting his first visit from Santa. Thank you Feo Farms Kennels for a fantastic golden retriever puppy!!!!"- Gina Unger
Boomy- "Thank you for the Christmas card! Boomey is doing great, he is 7 months old now and FULL of energy :) We are so grateful to have met you and would recommend anyone looking for a puppy to save time and go straight to Feo Farm Kennels!!!!!!"- Shelly Asti

"Four years ago on February 4  2017 I brought Honey home from FEO Farm.

Your Dad was correct at describing her personality.  She has been a perfect match for me and my family. 

Everyone loves this gentle soul.

She is simply a joy to have in our lives." - Marilyn McCall

Susie- "Everything about our experience with Feo Farms was amazing! Our little Susie is perfect. Thank you for giving us the perfect addition to our family!" 
- Kayleigh Hays
We can't believe how much Turks has grown since we brought him home. He is such a great addition to our family. Thank you for such a wonderful puppy!!"- Deanne Bogats DeAugustine‎ 
Lily- "We have had our beautiful Lily for almost a month now.  She has grown so much and is full of energy and mischief, and we love her more every day.  We are so thankful that we found you and your beautiful dogs.  Thank you so much!"-Bev and Emmery Rabovsky
Honey-“My Honey is a delight and if I do say a beauty. People love her personality and have called her regal. I wanted to share this and a couple photos of her. Honey is a doll baby. Yes, a little spoiled but well behaved. We love her. So glad we found Feo Farm!!! Thank you."        -Marilyn McCall
Tucker- "Tucker is the sweetest little pup I could have ever asked for. At 10 weeks he is potty trained knows his name and knows how to sit! We just love him so much!!! Thank you for an amazing dog." - Lucia Innocenzi 
Duke and Pokey- "The puppies are having fun playing together. My mom is very happy having company also. Here is a picture. Duke is on the left and Pokey on the right."        -Jeanie Martin

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